Please tell us your views on creating low emission zones in Scotland to improve air quality – before the deadline of 28 November!

Cambuslang Community Council are appealing for community comments on their draft response to a Scottish Government consultation on plans to create ‘low emission zones’ for hotspots of air pollution in Scotland. Improving air quality is critically important for Cambuslang. In 2016, official monitoring data found that Cambuslang Main Street had unsafe and illegal levels of air pollution. Also, NHS data for respiratory illnesses in Cambuslang show that the people in the town are suffering above-average problems of asthma and chronic lung diseases.

The Scottish Government has issued a consultation ”Building Scotland’s Low Emission Zones‘ which asks for views on where and how low emission zones should be set up and managed. The zones would first be set up in Glasgow and the three other biggest cities in Scotland but will be extended to ‘air quality management areas’ by 2023. There is already an air quality management area for Rutherglen which includes parts of Cambuslang, notably Eastfield and Silverbank because of the amount of traffic and air pollution in the area. Cambuslang Community Council believe that there is a strong case for a similar area covering Cambuslang Main Street because of the extent of air pollution, especially at the junction with Greenlees Road.

If you have any views on the creation of low emission zones, please read the Scottish Government consultation and send us your comments on the draft response by Cambuslang Community Council – but please let us know before the deadline of 28 November so that we can include them in our response. Many thanks.