Cambuslang Community Council has written to the head of planning at South Lanarkshire Council objecting to the proposal by Clean Power Properties Ltd to build a waste treatment plant at Whistleberry Road in Hamilton. David Thomson, chair of Cambuslang Community Council writes that “Cambuslang Main Street is situated approximately 7 kilometres to the northwest of the Whistleberry Road site, and many people in our community have expressed their concerns about the potentially harmful impact that this development might have upon the health and general well-being of our community and that of our neighbours closer to the development site.” The letter to SLC lists six main objections:

  • Wholly inadequate consideration has been given to alternative schemes.
  • Lack of integrated, efficient energy from waste plan.
  • Insufficient details are provided on the actual waste treatment technologies that the development will employ.
  • The Proposer’s expertise and experience pertinent to the proposed development are not presented.
  • The potential adverse effects on air quality by emissions from the development have been derived only by computer modelling of air dispersion from the exhaust stack.
  • The stack height proposed is a visually obtrusive 90 metres without any detailed justification for this large size.

A copy of the Community Council’s letter to SLC is available here.