Cambuslang Community Council have been notified that South Lanarkshire Council are seeking to declare an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) for Rutherglen following an assessment which has shown that air quality has fallen below target levels at three points.  The proposed boundary of the AQMA would extend into parts of Cambuslang covering the area west of Cambuslang Station, including Silverbank and Eastfield. A map of the proposed AQMA is here.  In addition, a continuous air quality monitoring station as recently been installed at the junction of Main Street and Greenlees Road. An action plan is to be developed to bring emission levels down, which will include actions aimed at improving use of sustainable means of travel including public transport, walking and cycling as well as improving  uptake of low-emission vehicles such as electric cars. Cambuslang Community Council will be consulted on the action plan and will provide further details as they become available.