Cambuslang Community Council has been notified of four upgrades to mobile phone infrastructure at the following locations (click on the locations for details)

The notification was accompanied by the following information:

Cornerstone is the UK’s leading mobile infrastructure services company. We acquire, manage, and own over 20,000 sites and are committed to enabling best in class mobile connectivity for over half of all the country’s mobile customers. We oversee works on behalf of telecommunications providers and wherever possible aim to: promote shared infrastructure;  maximise opportunities to consolidate the number of base stations; and significantly reduce the environmental impact of network development 

Cornerstone are in the process of progressing suitable sites in the Cambuslang area to improve service provision and have identified this site as suitable for an equipment upgrade for Cornerstone.  The purpose of this letter [sent to Cambuslang Community Council] is to consult with you and seek your views on our proposal before any planning submission is made. We understand that you are not always able to provide site specific comments, however, Cornerstone are committed to consultation with communities on our mobile telecommunications proposals and as such would encourage you to respond.  As part of Cornerstone’s continued network improvement program, there is a specific requirement for a rooftop at this location to provide improved technical provisions, greater capacity and coverage in the area.  Mobiles can only work with a network of base stations in place where people want to use their mobile phones or other wireless devices. Without base stations, the mobile phones, and other devices we rely on simply won’t work. 

The Local Planning Authority mast register and our records of other potential sites have already been reviewed, the policies in the Development Plan have been taken into account and the planning history of the site has been examined. All Cornerstone installations are designed to be fully compliant with the public exposure guidelines established by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). These guidelines have the support of UK Government, the European Union and they also have the formal backing of the World Health Organisation. A certificate of ICNIRP compliance will be included within the planning submission. 

In order to give you time to send your comments or request further information, we commit to allow at least 14 days before an application is submitted to the Local Planning Authority. This 14-day period starts from the date at the top of this letter. 

Following a request from Cambuslang Community Council, the timescale for consultation has been extended to 10th December.

Should you have any queries regarding any of these proposed upgrades, please contact Samantha Holt at WHP Telecoms  (quoting the cell number for the Cornerstone upgrade noted in the list above e,g, Cornerstone 128548).