A public information event held on 16th January 2019 provided a first look at the plans for the new Whitlawburn East housing development. Cambuslang Community Council members, Michelle Farmer (Vice-Chair) and David Porter (Secretary) attended the event. Their comments on the development proposals, which are being sent to South Lanarkshire Council, are here.

The main impression is that the indicative design, built-quality and landscaping of the proposed development looks very good as judged by the illustrative examples shown of projects that have previously been carried out by the developer. The development has a positive mix of private and social housing, and good layout standards in terms of density and scale. The developer, CCG, is a local firm with a good track record, and the information presented convey a strong sense that they want to make this a distinctive development. The commitment to placemaking and references to the vernacular of historic Cambuslang tenements in designing the development is very welcome given the unimaginative templates used by other housing developers for other recent developments in the area. The architectural style is reminiscent of the housing units constructed in the east end of Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games in 2016 for which the Agent was also responsible. It appears that modern construction techniques will be employed which include pre-fabrication of large interior sections of the housing units. Adequate car parking spaces are to be provided per unit in relation to each unit’s size.

Cambuslang Community Council have asked for more clarification on a number of issues:

  • engagement with the local community, especially the creation of a local residents’ steering group;
  • whether existing residents will be given priority;
  • accessibility for disabled people and those with restricted mobility;
  • energy efficiency;
  • the provision of play areas and community facilities, especially a new community hall;
  • provision of cycling facilities throughout the development;
  • the need for a local environmental impact assessment;
  • compliance with the Considerate Contractor Code of Practice.

Copies of the information boards displayed at the event are here and here.*

*Information boards and featured image are those of Stallan-Brand Architects.