Christmas came early for 19 community groups across Cambuslang, with the award of £5,000 worth of funding by Cambuslang Community Council. The awards were made on Tuesday, 17th December 2019 under the Community Council’s ‘Cambuslang Community Activity Grant’ scheme.

The Cambuslang Community Activity Grant scheme was set up by Cambuslang Community Council to give out ‘micro-grants’ through funding which the Community Council was awarded by South Lanarkshire Council from its Renewable Energy Fund. Local groups were invited to apply for funding of up to £500 for activities which would improve the lives of local people in Cambuslang.

Michelle Farmer, Vice-Chair of Cambuslang Community Council, managed the grant scheme together with Community Council colleagues and support from Healthy n Happy. She said:

“We got so many worthwhile applications from across the community that it was really hard to decide on the awards. We followed the principle that all parts of Cambuslang should benefit, young and old.”

  • So, we have awarded grants to the St Bride’s Eat Up initiative and the Whitlawburn Co-op to help give local people a good meal.
  • Elderly groups will benefit from the awards to Busy Fingers, Happy Days and Peel Court Tenants Association.
  • Young people and those involved in sports will gain from the support for the Stonelaw Boys’ Cub, Cambuslang Jog Scotland, the Cambuslang Football Academy, the James Aiton Parent Council, the Springhall and Whitlawburn YD Team and the Clyde Cycle Park.
  • We have given support to events and outings for Universal Connections (Asdan Arts, Community Walking Group, and Dance & Exercise), to Cambuslang Summerfest, and to the Cambuslang Remembrance Garden Group for their planned VE75 Day event.
  • And there will be improvements to the environment from the awards to Friends of Douglas Park, Friends of Holmhills Wood Community Park, and the Central Cambuslang Tenants & Residents’ Association for their community garden.”

Michelle said:

“We had a really happy awards event at Community Council meeting – the local groups were delighted to receive their cheques. It shows that even small amounts of money can make a difference.

“The activities by so many local groups show the strength of community spirit in Cambuslang. We have many problems but people are working together to improve lives and wellbeing which is a strong foundation on which we can build. All of us on Cambuslang Community Council would like to thank the local groups for their hard work and commitment to make Cambuslang a better place.”

Happy Christmas to all our community award recipients!