The summer continues to be busy with improvements to the Park.  Tar has been removed by the SLC Community Payback Team from the Langlea Road end of the Park which will allow the grass to be cut from one end of the park perimeter from Langlea Grove right round the bend to the High School entrance. We plan to plant wild flowers along this strip in Spring 2016. Also, several holes have been filled in at the grass area at the front entrance to Cathkin High School, and the area is being rotivated to remove all the weeds and then smoothed prior to re-seeding. A waste bin has been relocated to the pond area in the Park hopefully to eradicate litter being thrown in the pond. This will help protect our ducks and ducklings amongst the many other pond life species in Holmhills Wood.

Improving the state of the Park is an important project for Cambuslang Community Council and has led to the creation of Friends of Holmhills Park, run by Council member, Michelle Farmer. For more details, see the Friends of Holmhills page on this site or contact