Cambuslang Community Council are highly critical of a proposed new Park & Ride Strategy published by South Lanarkshire Council (SLC).  The SLC consultation document sets out investment priorities for improving parking facilities for all 19 stations in South Lanarkshire. However, the Community Council’s analysis shows that the SLC proposals would seriously disadvantage Cambuslang.

According to the data produced by SLC, Cambuslang has the poorest station parking provision in South Lanarkshire, but would receive no new  Park & Ride investment in the short term. Cambuslang Station has fewer parking spaces than most other stations in South Lanarkshire and has had much less investment in Park & Ride facilities since 1994 than almost anywhere else.

The SLC document does say that a new Park & Ride facility with 152 spaces could be built on Bridge Street but this would not happen in the short term as Cambuslang is classed as only a “medium priority”.

Cambuslang Community Council are very unhappy with the proposals. David Thomson, Chair of the Community Council, said:

“For the past five months we have been meeting with senior officials from South Lanarkshire Council to discuss parking issues, and we felt we were making good progress, such as agreeing an experimental traffic order to provide longer parking times on the Main Street”.  However, we were surprised and very disappointed to see these proposals. They offer nothing in the short term to reduce the pressures on parking in Cambuslang with commuter parking filling up local car parks and local streets from early in the morning.”

“Our surveys of community opinion and  business views show that providing more parking capacity is essential for regeneration of the town. We will be doing whatever we can during the consultation period to press South Lanarkshire Council to give Cambuslang a higher priority for Park & Ride investment – we only want Cambuslang to be treated fairly.”

A copy of Cambuslang Community Council’s analysis of the SLC Park & Ride Strategy is available here.