Cambuslang Community Council are celebrating a big influx of new members following the community council elections and AGM last month. At the AGM, new officers were elected: John Bachtler as Chair, Michelle Farmer as Vice-Chair, David Porter as Secretary, and Brian Fisher as Treasurer. Six new full members and three associate members were brought onto the Community Council providing a much-needed increase in capacity.

The new Chair, John Bachtler said:

“We are delighted with the new membership of Cambuslang Community Council. For the first time in many years, we are almost at full strength with 18 members and associates in total, and I am particularly pleased that we have more Main Street businesses represented on the council.” 

“Many of our new members have been introduced to the work of the Community Council through our subgroup, Cambuslang Future, which is developing a regeneration plan for the Main Street. This work is needed more than ever with the recent closures of businesses on the Main Street, the appalling state of the pavement, the need for better parking provision, the number of waste bins on the street and the general lack of investment.”  

“We are now having monthly meetings with South Lanarkshire Council’s Economic Development department to agree a regeneration strategy and action plan. We have also had meetings with all the banks that have left Cambuslang to ask them to discuss the provision of mobile banking and financial support.  We intend to have a meeting with all the Main Street businesses after Christmas and to have a ‘community day’ to get community input in the regeneration strategy.”

“Of course, the Cambuslang Future project is in addition to the many other things that the Community Council is doing, like the Cambuslang in Bloom group, the Friends of Holmhills Wood Community Park, the Clyde Cycle Park project, and representations to South Lanarkshire Council on their new Health & Social Care plan. We have a very full and diverse agenda and plans for the future, so it’s fantastic to have so many new local people getting involved.”

“I would like to pay tribute to our outgoing Chair, David Thomson, who has led us over the past four years and personally has done a huge amount to ensure proper commemoration of service personnel from Cambuslang.  I know David would want to join me in thanking all the members who have made a big commitment of time and effort in recent years and ensured the community council can be so active.”

“Although we have so many new members, we welcome other members of the community getting involved in our projects to improve the area – or to come up with new ideas. All our meetings are open to the public, and they are a great opportunity to come and listen or take part in discussions about how Cambuslang can improve.”