We are now two months into the launch of the new services being trialled in Cambuslang as part of our participation in the  Community Access to Cash Pilot initiative.  We now want to find out what you think of the services so far, particularly the Cambuslang BankHUB and Cashback, through a survey, here.

As a reminder, the Cambuslang BankHUB provides over-the-counter cash withdrawal, cash deposit and bill payment five days a week regardless of who you bank with. In addition, each of the major banks is providing account advice on one day a week:

Monday – Royal Bank of Scotland
Tuesday – Santander
Wednesday – Virgin Money
Thursday – Bank of Scotland
Friday – TSB


We are also trialling new forms of Cashback:

  • Cashback from local retailers (with a purchase), so that when you buy things from local stores you can also ask for cashback of any amount – whether a round figure (e.g. £10) or just what you need. Participating retailers are: Pandora’s Box Card & Gift Shop, 96 Main Street; Dicksons Chemist Pharmacy, 108 Main Street and 222 Main St; and The Tea Bay Coffee Shop, 240 Main St


  • Cashback from local retailers (without a purchase), where you can get cashback from some participating retailers without needing to buy anything, and you can get whatever money is in your account, even if not a round number (£6.73 is fine..). Participating retailers are: Premier, 140 Main Street; Stationery & Cards, 225 Hamilton Road; Nisa Way, 151 Western Road; Pacitti Of Burnside, 126 Dukes Road; and Cathkin Newsagents, 16 Braemar Road.

Please tell us whether you’ve used the BankHUB or Cashback and what you think of the services. Remember – this is a pilot, and we want to find ways to improve the services and retain them after the pilot ends, so your feedback matters. The survey is here.

Thanks for your help!