The results of the Cambuslang Community Survey  2015 ‘What do people think of Cambuslang?’  were launched today (7 October).  Conducted over the summer by Cambuslang Community Council, the survey attracted almost 1100 responses making it one of the largest community surveys in Scotland. The survey results provide a new picture of what people like and don’t like about our town and their priorities for improvement.

What do people like about Cambuslang?  A striking finding is the community spirit of Cambuslang; half of the respondents feel that they are living in a friendly neighbourhood / community.   Many people are also involved in community organisations. For the majority of people, the accessibility of Cambuslang is seen as a positive aspect of the town. The parks and green environment are also valued but are seen as threatened by development.

What do people not like about Cambuslang?  The most important conclusion of the survey is the huge public dissatisfaction with Cambuslang Main Street.  Two-thirds of respondents are unhappy with the appearance and layout of the Main Street, and almost 70% are critical of the limited range of shops.   Among the specific issues of concern: the current layout of the Main Street is widely regarded as a mistake; parking is a key source of dissatisfaction; the range of shops on the Main Street is too limited; and the large trolley waste bins are unsightly and contribute to the drab appearance of the street. Other concerns are the level of crime and anti-social behaviour and lack of visible police presence, the lack of sports/leisure facilities, and the level of traffic congestion.

What are the priorities for improvement? Over 1,800 suggestions were made for economic, social and environmental improvements to Cambuslang. The priorities are:

  1. improve the appearance and attraction of the Main Street;
  2. improve and diversify the retail environment;
  3. address public concerns about crime;
  4. develop new sports/leisure facilities for different age groups;
  5. address public concerns about traffic congestion;
  6. improve the protection and provision of greenspace in the area;
  7. increase community engagement and cohesion.

In response to the survey results, Cambuslang Community Council propose to start the process of developing a new Community Strategy in partnership with our elected members, South Lanarkshire Council, other public bodies, clubs, churches, associations and the wider community. Watch this space for further details or – even better – get involved by contacting or phone 07973 744807. We want to hear from you!