In preparing for winter, South Lanarkshire Council is offering practical assistance to communities who wish to help clear snow and ice from footpaths in their areas. They have written to us saying that:

“The council treats numerous paths throughout winter, but recognise that council actions alone won’t clear every path and that communities may themselves be able to treat a more extensive local path network as suits local needs. The Council can offer the following assistance to community groups involved:

1. Provision of salt, in grit bins in urban areas or in heaps in rural areas, at
locations such as a car park or village square to be agreed with the community.
2. Provision of snow shovels, salt spreaders and wheelbarrows.
3. Provision of gloves and high-visibility clothing.
4. The council will provide access to and fund the cost of public liability and
personal injury insurance covering winter resilience activities for any

Please note that this offer is only available to community groups.

Further details are available here.The application form is hereThe form should be submitted to

Image is from Daily Record.